137 - New Teacher Training program in Thailand and its Impact on Teacher Sustainable Development: Case study of the social representation of the last year study of Burapha University Teacher students.


University of Montpellier III, FRANCE


KeywordsTeacher Training, Teacher Sustainable Development, Social perception


The research has the following objectives: 1.) Study the factors that affect teacher training reform. And 2.) Analyze the impact of sustainable training. This research is a qualitative research design by the stages of research 2 steps of this study are 1.) Reform of teacher training program in Burapha University. And 2.) Part Monography: A case study of the fifth-year teacher students social representation of the future teacher.The theoretical framework are 1.)The factors that influence perceptions: the situation ,the perceiver and the target. And 2.) the heoretical model for sustainable development :the SMART practice model by the stage of Stimulation, Modification, Amplification, Reconstruction and Transformation. The study utilises historical issue, documents, interviews and focus group. The data collection are the fifth-year teacher students of Faculty of Education, Burapha University have 33 teacher students in academic year 2011-2012 for practice teaching in 31 schools for pre-primary education, primary education and secondary education. The data analysis is content Analysis by NVivo program. The benefits will be 1.) Provide an alternative in teacher training reform. 2.) Provide the removal of barriers to access of teacher students on sustainable teacher development. And 3.) Develop and promote lifelong learning for teacher students on sustainable teacher development.


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